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August 10, 2009

Thanks for sending the letter with the web site for the reunion photo....was great to see some of the faces...I'll not say "old" faces!

I was taken aback, and sad, to learn about Susan Detrich. Two years ago, I lost Carol...my wife and best friend of over 35 years to the same fight against breast cancer. You may remember how she, Duke and Joyce Dana, and I played bluegrass music at most of our class gatherings....so long ago.

I have seen some classmates occasionally. Niall Finnegin once I believe before he (and I) retired from military service, Duke and Joyce a year before Carol passed...and Gary Johnson once at the WVC three years ago.

As it turned out, I had occasion to return to Kansas just two months ago to speak at the funeral of an old and dear friend. He was a WWII veteran who, with his family, took Carol and I under their wing when we came to Kansas back in 1972. We played up there at the farm near Blue Rapids and still I have wonderful memories of the hunting and just simple pleasures of the country of the upper Blue River Valley.

My best to all the 79'ers. Thanks again for the info letter.

- Steve Channel

July 28, 2009 

Dear 79ers,

It was really good to see you who attended our 30-year reunion last month - thanks for coming! We hope you enjoyed your time back at K-State/Manhattan. It was great to catch up a bit, and even more fun to talk (nicely, of course) about the mates who didn't show.

For a view at our class’ reunion picture, go to http://www.vet.k-state.edu/alumni/reunions/2009-reunions/1979.html. Above the picture you can also click “Senior Composite Photo” and previous reunion photos. It is quite intriguing to observe how little aging has occurred with our class!?!

Sue Summers found this website (http://www.pasadenarmh.org/news.htm?item=3 ) regarding Susan Dietrich, and we thought you may be interested as well.

There was considerable interest among attendees to become/stay better connected, so we hope the "calling tree" project moves forward. We understand Mary DeBey committed to spearheading the idea/project (since she has nothing else to do!?!?!).

Take care - looking forward to the next 30!

The '79 Reunion Committee

PS - Keep the good genes and next generation(s) coming to K-State! At the moment we have the Hodes and Harrison families to thank........ 

Gary – for the Committee