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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 1975

Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1975

Class of 1975 Left to Right: 

Back Row: Joe Strahm, Charles Scheib, Richard Bowman, Randolph Schuett, Dale Kuhn, Douglas Funk, and Rick Woodbridge

Second Row: Sandra Philip-Sprague, Charles Stinchcomb, Phillip Hoyt, Louis Cronin, Ron Highland, Thomas Noordsy, Daniel Thompson, John Schroeder, James Parks, James Stuart, and Richard Pursley.

Front Row: David Wallace, Wayne Ingmire, Dale Hiesterman, Joe Dedrickson, Vern Otte, Randall Bartlett, Jim Kenyon, Phil Hardenburger, and Fred Hubbard.

Those who attended the meeting but not pictured are: Gary Buehler, Dan Gates, Doug Nielsen, Ronald Roy, and Gregory Windler