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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 1968

Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1968

Left to right: 

Back Row: Tony L. Kirk, Jerry D. Weil, C. Dean Bertholf, James P. Nelson, Richard D. Knewtson, Marvin J. Farr, and Michael K. Moore; 

Middle Row: Thomas D. Vincent, J. Eileen Warner-Hough, William M. “Bill” Bryant, Edward L. Kniffen, Richard L. Branson, Engene R. Clothier, Arnold G. Nagely, and M. Keith Kingsley; 

Front Row: Evelyn A. Bock, Dean R. Bader, Michael A. Gangle, Norman R. Schneider, Deborah F. Erichsen, and Richard Barta.