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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 1993

Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1993

Left to right: 

Back row:

David Whetstone, Craig Dethlefs, Bill Root, Terry Wighs, Jim Sasse, Dirk Wagner, Brian Frank, Misti May, Rob Trupp, Mike Siggers, Steve Rushton, and Greg Strathe. Center row: 

Shawn Hickey, Andy McDavitt, Phil Bentz, Travis McKinzie, Kristi Harris, Tammy Truesdell, Chris Church, Lori Coughlin, Lisa Gray, and Jessica Laurin,. Front row: 

Tony Birney, Bob Black, Kerri Bowman, Jolie Peters-Brown, Tammy Pfeiffer, Terry Presnell, Cathy Dougherty, Cinda Grassi, Heather Eller, and Kate Perkins.