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College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 1988 - Kansas City

Senior Composite Photo

Class of 1988, Kansas City

Left to right: 

Back Row: Darrel Clark, Jim Speer, Bill Baus, Tim Cantrell, and Mark Wachal. 

Second to Back Row: Dave Atherton, Leon Conner, Scott Hay, John Smith, Annette Frerking-Bunch, Les Hatfield, and Ann McHugh-Kalush. Center Row: Laurie Hanson, Jennifer Dunton, Skip Koster, Mary Stech, Cyndy Taylor, and Doug Schwenka.  

Second from Front Row: Kevan Flaming, Sheryl Brown, Mark Heinrich, Sally Calamaio, Deb Southwick-Alexander, Cheryl Schmidt, and Rose Kube. 

Front Row: Bryce Peckham, Mike Brown, Royce Wilson, Andrea Baldauf-Straub, Brenda Shufflebarger-Flaming, Mike Cohn, and Randy McCallum.