SAVMA - Student American Veterinary Medical Association

SAVMA Website

SAVMA is a national organization of young professionals pursuing the study of veterinary medicine. Nearly all of the 27 veterinary colleges have SAVMA chapters, including Kansas State University. KSU has maintained 100% membership application status to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Annual symposium rotating among interested schools is held in the spring. Interesting guest speakers hold workshops/lectures for continuing education, while the delegates meet to enhance and improve the future in veterinary medicine for us. There are also academic and other interscholastic competitions, and last year, KSU took second overall, with several first in the competitions. This year we aim for first place! It also is a time to have fun, relax, and meet your future colleagues from other schools and even your own!

On a local level, the KSU SAVMA serves as a governing body for the students and as an umbrella group for the specialty clubs. Twice a year, elections are held for officers. It is their responsibility to present issues and ideas from the students to improve the learning environment. These officers also propose the budget and present it to the student body. Fundraising is an important part of any organization, and SAVMA is no different, with several functions planned throughout the year along with some more fun activities. Monthly meetings during the lunch hour combine the business aspects, with high quality guest speakers from around the country and free food! Gatherings, sponsored by the different classes are supported by SAVMA, as well as other functions throughout the year. A newsletter, published monthly, allows the student to hear from the various organizations, other groups, and showcases classmates’ artistic and literary abilities.

We hope you will continue our proud tradition as a very respected chapter by becoming, and remaining, an active member through regular attendance at meetings and functions, and by providing input to enhance everyone's education and experience at KSU.