Pets are not allowed inside of Trotter Hall. Pets are not to be kept in the teaching laboratories. This includes, but is not limited to: fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, etc.

.100 Control of Animals on Kansas State University Property

  1. The University has the responsibility to provide a safe, healthy, positive learning environment. The uncontrolled and unsupervised presence of animals on campus compromises that environment. This policy establishes and fixes the responsibility with the owner of the animal and sets forth the manner in which the conditions of the policy will be administered.
  2. Animals are not permitted in any buildings with the exception of service animals, animals under care and treatment in the College of Veterinary Medicine, research animals housed in University buildings or animals used as part of an academic program. Service animals are defined as a dog or miniature horse (in certain circumstances) individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Service animals are welcome in all buildings on campus and may attend any class, meeting or other event. Students who use a service animal are required to register the animal with Student Access Center.
  3. Assistance animals are permitted in university housing if an accommodation is required under the University Housing Reasonable Accommodations Policy. That policy, the forms necessary to request a housing accommodation, and the Assistance Animal Policy and Agreement can be found on the Student Access Center website. Animals such as fish, non-venomous or non-dangerous reptiles, or amphibians may be allowed in university housing under certain circumstances. Please refer to the relevant housing handbook: For Residence Halls. For Jardine Apartments. For Polytechnic.
  4. The Building Authority for each building is responsible for enforcing the policy.
  5. All dogs and cats on campus must be licensed with the city in which the campus is located. All animals must have current vaccinations evidenced by a tag on the animal or the vaccination certificate in the immediate possession of the owner.
  6. All animals at Kansas State University are expected to behave appropriately at all times. The University may exclude an animal, including a service animal, if the animal:
    1. is not housebroken;
    2. would pose a direct threat to the health, safety or property of others that cannot be reduced or eliminated by a reasonable accommodation;
    3. is out of control;
    4. would fundamentally alter the nature of a program or activity; or
    5. is not being cared for by the individual.
  7. Animals are not permitted to run free on University property. Animals on University property outside of buildings must be leashed and under personal control of the owner at all times. Animals may not be secured to trees, posts, shrubs, etc., and left unattended. Owners are required to clean up after their animals outside of buildings.
  8. Animals that are running loose or unattended will be taken or turned over to the Riley County Police Department Animal Control. These animals will be held in the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter for five days to be reclaimed by their owners. After five days, if the animal has a stable disposition and is in good health it is made available for adoption. See the animal shelter's website for more information.