Recommendations for Conducting Online Exams

Note: For exams where test security is an issue, LockDown browser should be used.

Section I: Using Canvas


1. Contact Gina Scott for creating the exam. Exam materials should be to her at the minimum of four(4) days prior to the actual exam. The file should contain, the day/time of exam, the points per question, and the correct answer should be indicated.

2. A password will be created for the exam that will be given to the students on exam day. This helps ensure that only students who come to the exam room can take the exam.


1. Inform the students of the online exam in advance, and ask them to be sure their tablets can connect to the Internet and know their account information for Canvas (using K-State wireless). All Windows updates should be done prior to the day of the exam. The students should reboot their computer when they arrive at the college prior to taking their exam.

2. If the exam will be in the laboratory, students will need to plug their tablets into their desk’s Ethernet connection rather than use the wireless network. Encourage them to make sure their desk’s Ethernet connection is functional before exam day, and remind them to see the CaTS support team in Trotter room 4 if they have any difficulties.

3. Gina will have spare laptops available for checkout the day before. If there are issues during the exam she can be contacted by phone (text) at 785-410-2841.

4. Have blank paper available for students who want to use scratch paper.


1. Encourage students to show up early and log in to Canvas before the exam start time.

2. Do not allow other mobile devices in the exam room, or have them stowed out of sight.

3. Only allow scratch paper supplied by the instructor. This paper should be turned in prior to leaving the exam room.

4. Have students who leave before the exam time has expired check in with the instructor so that proper submission of exam can be verified. This ensures that no student can leave the room and log back into the exam to change answers. Students should use exam etiquette by being quiet for those still taking the exam

Section II: Using LockDown Browser

Using LockDown browser for testing is recommended for online exams. This program will close all other programs, and will not allow student’s access to other websites, or to leave the exam tab until the exam has been submitted. Students are responsible for keeping this up to date. There are links to get the updates on every course’s homepage.