Medical Leave Withdrawal

Approved medical leave requires written documentation from a qualified health care professional, certifying the need for medical leave. In addition, students must submit a completed withdrawal form to the Dean’s Office. All documentation requesting medical leave should be addressed to the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Upon withdrawal from the curriculum, the Associate Dean of Academic Programs will immediately notify the course coordinators and their respective department heads. In circumstances when medical leave is the primary reason for withdrawal, but not defined by a qualified health care professional at the point of departure, written documentation certifying the need for medical leave from a qualified health care professional must be submitted to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs within 30 days after withdrawal. Students with approved medical leave are responsible for removing all personal items from assigned lockers, mail boxes, and study carrels within 10 days of withdrawal. Following successful resolution of the underlying cause of the medical leave, petition for reinstatement should be initiated with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Procedures for reinstatement appear in the Student/Faculty handbook under Academic Policies. Failure to comply with this policy may be cause for denied reinstatement by the Dean.

Guidelines for students taking medical leave to consider upon petitioning for reinstatement.

  1. Obtain a letter from a health care provider (physician, therapist, licensed psychologist, psychiatrist) stating that the symptoms necessitating medical leave have been alleviated, and the student does not present a safety threat to themselves or others
  2. Obtain written recommendations from Disability Support Services for any necessary accommodations in the classroom, during examinations, or during clinical rotations

Created 1/14/09
Approved by Faculty Council 1/30/09