Personal Health/Accident Insurance

In the unlikely event that a student in the College of Veterinary Medicine is injured while performing his/her duties and requires medical treatment, the student is required to have his/her own health/accident insurance. The College of Veterinary Medicine provides no medical or accidental insurance for students.

Kansas Board of Regents Statewide Student Health Insurance Plan

  • Plan 02 for veterinary students
  • To review the plan, go to and click on the Health Science Students plans.
  • To enroll in the plan, you will need to access the K-State Health Science Student insurance online enrollment form. Open Enrollment Periods: Fall – August; Spring – January; Summer – May/June. The student's eligibility for the plan will then be verified by the Office of Academic Programs and Student Affairs. If verified, UHCSR will email the student with a premium payment link. Insurance is activated only when the premium payment has been received by UHCSR. The payment link will have an expiration date -- please submit payment as soon as possible after enrolling. For enrollment outside of the designated Open enrollment periods, please contact United HealthCare Student Resources: