KSU-CVM Guidelines for Commercial Companies

Policy: The use of university facilities or property to distribute or sell unauthorized products or services is prohibited under University Guidelines except when sponsored by a university-affiliated organization or department (link). Activity inconsistent with the educational, research, or service mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is prohibited. Presentations, seminars or the distribution or sale of products and services in or on the CVM complex or grounds to professional students, staff, and faculty other than those offered by official Kansas State University units (e.g. the Veterinary Health Center, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory) must have prior approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Student Success. The Dean’s office reserves the right to stop distribution of any product, educational material, marketing material or external speaker’s appearance that violates the mission of the CVM.

To access CVM students, staff, and faculty, commercial or private for-profit entities or not-for-profit organizations may employ an official student representative from the CVM student body with approval from the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Success (ADAPSS). Approval is subject to annual renewal under the following conditions:

  1. The commercial or private entity or not-for-profit organization must have products or services which align with the educational, research, or service mission of the CVM or which contribute to the daily activities of a veterinary professional.

  2. Corporations or practices who recruit and employ veterinary graduates may also have a retained student representative in the CVM.

  3. Organizations will apply to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Success for approval of the goal(s) of the contact agreement and for assistance to recruit an official student representative. After initial approval, approval and continuation of the official student representative must be renewed annually between May 1st and July 1 of the next calendar year through the ADAPSS. Initial application or annual renewal may be made here and must include a corporate contact individual and the contact information for that individual. Upon initial application or annual renewal, the ADAPSS will distribute information regarding the commercial representative opportunity to the appropriate groups of students.

    Once again, the link for registration or annual renewal is here: https://kstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b8DVYQJFEriVToi

  4. After selection of student representation by recruitment through the ADAPSS, each corporation or organization will contract with the individual student for expected work efforts, including projected effort time and compensation. As a guideline, the CVM suggests the typical students be expected to work no more than 40 hours/semester at an expected compensation of no less than $15/hour.

  5. Changes in student representation or commercial contact individuals must be reported immediately to the ADAPSS either through email to roushjk@vet.k-state.edu by the new student representative or the commercial contact or by visiting the registration site here.

  6. Students must remain in good academic standing to continue as a commercial student representative. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate their current academic standing and eligibility to serve to the commercial or not-for-profit entity.

  7. In addition to compensation provided the student, for-profit entities will pay an annual registration fee of $1000 to the College of Veterinary Medicine for access to student representation, with renewal prior to July 1 of the calendar year. Registration fees will be pooled and distributed in whole annually for scholarships to students at large with the number, amount, and selection of scholarship award(s) determined by the CVM Awards and Scholarship Committee. Not-for-profit entities may have the annual registration fee waived by request to the ADAPSS. For-profit corporations who provide substantial support to the College programs outside of a commercial student representative agreement may also request to have the annual fee waived by approval of the ADAPSS. The $1000 annual registration fee should be submitted payable to the college of Veterinary Medicine and addressed to: C/O Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Success, 101D Trotter Hall, 1710 Denison Avenue, Manhattan, KS 66506

  8. In order to hold a commercial company-sponsored event with KSU CVM students, the company student representative must submit a Speaker/Event Approval Form to the ADAPSS a minimum of four weeks in advance of the event. That form is available here. The Dean’s office reserves the right to decline approval of the event. The approval request should include the following:

a) A description of the proposed activity
b) Name of external speaker and topic of the presentation
c) Types of products, materials, or services to be distributed or marketed

Presentations to students by commercial companies must support the educational
mission of the CVM. As such, they must focus on enhancing student understanding
of basic or clinical sciences, student wellbeing, diversity, or employment.

Marketing of company products, if included, must directly tie to the
scientific knowledge presented and represent no more than 5% of the total

Presentations by commercial companies will be not be allowed during 1st
year student orientation activities. Companies and their student
representatives who desire early student access should consult the ADAPSS
for contact ideas and approval.

The ADAPSS will review event proposals and may forward the materials to
appropriate faculty for advice on approval of distribution of products, educational
materials, marketing materials, or invitations to external speakers. Appropriate
faculty are those whose discipline, clinic section, or course is directly related to the
subject area involved in or possibly affected by the distribution of the product,
educational materials, marketing materials, or external speaker topics.

Policy created 4/12/2023 and in effect 7/1/2023 (University FY24).


PDF of Policy and Form