Bulletin Boards

There is a class bulletin board on each floor of Trotter Hall. Each posting must be clearly dated at the time of being placed on the bulletin board. Postings will be removed at the end of two weeks. Announcements, etc. are not to be placed on walls or doors. The janitorial staff has been instructed to remove all notices, etc. attached to the walls, doors, etc. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Materials other than meeting/club notices, job opportunities, pet sitting, house sitting, housing opportunities, exam keys, and seminar notices will need the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Programs. Nonprofessional material including racial, sexual and ethnic harassment will not be tolerated and the person responsible will be subjected to disciplinary action as defined by the guidelines under the constitution of the Student Board of Ethical Behavior. http://www.vet.ksu.edu/education/handbook/policies/ethical.behavior.html