Excused Absences for Veterinary Students

The designation of ‘excused absence’ means that the instructor(s) will provide to the student(s) an opportunity by which to address graded activities that occurred during the absence. Alternative activities may be arranged with the instructor(s) such that the student(s) will not jeopardize their academic standing due to the excused absence. These activities may be the same as, or different from materials completed by students present in the class.

First, Second, and Third Year Students:

Students are expected to attend all class periods that are scheduled for their veterinary education and are responsible for all materials presented for these classes. Absences for funerals, court appearances, family emergencies, physical illnesses, and religious observances that necessitate absence may be excused by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs for students in the first three years of the Veterinary Medicine curriculum. Other absences will be dealt with under the medical leave withdrawal policy or by individual approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Programs.

It is recognized that opportunities for alternative, augmentative, or continuing education occur during the school year. Students may be excused from classes to take advantage of such opportunities when all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Prior individual notification to and approval from the Associate Dean of Academic Programs and appropriate course coordinator(s). Students must fill out the Student Absence Form and receive approval from course coordinators. Student Absence Form

  2. Each student remains responsible for all materials/learning opportunities covered and evaluations conducted during missed course activities.

  3. Each student is allowed to attend 'continuing education' activities for a maximum of five class days per academic year. The Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Programs will maintain a record of excused absences for ‘continuing education’.

To meet the first criterion, students must present a completed ‘Student Absence Form’ to the Associate Dean of Academic Programs at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester during which the event occurs.

The Associate Dean's Office will promptly notify the Course Coordinator(s) when any student has been granted an excused absence. Course Coordinators will notify any faculty that are affected by a student's excused absence.

Students must notify the Associate Dean of Academic Programs in advance of religious observances that necessitate absence. Other situations such as non-emergency family-associated events may be considered by the Associate Dean of Academic Programs on a case by case basis and may include consultation with affected course coordinators and instructors.

Special travel arrangements prior to or following scheduled breaks are not grounds for an excused absence.

Instructors or Course Coordinators may, at their discretion, modify class activities to accommodate student activities. Students requesting excused absences should be referred to the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Programs.

Unscheduled absences: If a student is unable to attend class due to an unscheduled and unforeseeable event (e.g., funeral, court appearance, family emergency, or physical illness), the student should call the Office of the Associate Dean, 532-5660, as soon as possible. Course coordinators in the affected classes will be notified by the Office of the Associate Dean. A record will be kept of all students notifying the Office in the event of future questions regarding an absence.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor in classes missed as soon as he/she returns to make arrangements for any make-up work.

Adopted 5-20-2005, Revised 1-14-2009