The Veterinarian's Creed

  • To regard my profession as something more than a means of livelihood;

  • To value character more highly than reputation and truth above popularity;

  • To be merciful and humane, preventing needless suffering among dumb beasts;

  • To be faithful and zealous, preventing needless loss to those I am called on to serve;

  • To guide my conduct by sober judgment and my judgment by a never sleeping conscience;

  • To be modest and open-minded and thankful for every opportunity to increase my knowledge and my usefulness;

  • To be a coworker with my fellow practitioners by the mutual interchange of counsel and assistance;

  • To be true to myself, measuring my success by the value of the service I render rather than by the fee I receive.

R. R. Dykstra, Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University
1918 - 1948