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College of Veterinary Medicine

2006 Veterinary Research Scholars


Front row: (left to right): Leah Wellman; Crystal Rhine; Lindsey Jones; Angela Bettenhausen (Iowa); Stacy Borum; Lindsey Crawford; Joy Delamaide; Brett Miles

Back row: (left to right): Nicole Slater; Amanda Sherck; Lindsay Waechter-Mead; Jerilynn Weisshaar; Cory Stamper; Nora Springer; Stephanie Heise (Germany); Keith DeDonder.

Not pictured: Bryan Kerling

Angela BettenhausenJohann Coetzee
Department of Clinical Sciences
A study to evaluate plasma substance P, cortisol response and salicylate concentration in bulls following castration with or without non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug analgesia
Stacy BorumButch KuKanich
Analytical Pharmacology Lab
Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of opioid drugs in Greyhounds
Lindsey Crawford
Joy Delamaide
Sanjeev Narayanan DVM Ph.D.
College of Veterinary Medicine
Samantha M. Wisely Ph.D.
Susan J. Brown Ph.D.
Division of Biology
Microbial Diversity in Intestine of P. maniculatus and P. leucopus and Soil of the Tri-State Mining District
Keith D. DeDonderDaniel U. Thomson
Department of Clinical Sciences
A Novel Approach to Atypical Interstitial Pneumonia in feedlot cattle: Pancreatitis as an Etiology.
Stephanie HeiseKun Yan Zhu
Department of Entomology
Effect of Diflubenzuron on Chitin Synthesis in Different Stages and Body Parts of the Common Malaria Mosquito (Anopheles quadrimaculatus)
Bryan KerlingMike Apley
Marlin Hoogland
Clinical Sciences Department
Plasma concentrations of potassium penicillin G obtained in swine after administration via drinking water:  Post-harvest food safety
Brett MilesLilia Macovei and Ludek Zurek
Department of Entomology
Post-harvest food safety: Potential of houseflies to contaminate ready-to-eat food with antibiotic resistant enterococci
Crystal L. RhineMaciej Pszczolkowski
Department of Entomology
Sonny B. Ramaswamy
College of Agriculture, Purdue University
Role for calcium in ovarial patency in Heliothis virescens
Nicole SlaterSherry Fleming, Lynn Tustin
Department of  Biology
Effects of Antibodies from TLR4-/- Mice and TLR4 Mutant Mice on Ischemia and Reperfusion- Induced Injury
Amanda SherckElizabeth Davis, Jason Grady, Butch KuKanich,
Department of Anatomy and Physiology
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Oral Dexamethasone Administered to Healthy Horses
Nora SpringerSara Lindbloom, Thomas Schermerhorn 
Department of Clinical Sciences
Feline fructose metabolism and tissue expression of ketohexokinase
Cory StamperChanran Ganta, Richard Fels, Bryan Helwig, Robin Craig, Michael J. Kenney 
Department of Anatomy & Physiology
Effect of Age on Sympathetic Nerve Discharge (SND) and Splenic Cytokine Gene Expression Responses to Thermal Stress
Lindsay Waechter-MeadScott Toerber, Xiaobin Han**, Bruce Schultz**, Ronette Gehring 
Department of Clinical Sciences and
**Department of Anatomy and Physiology
An in-vitro model using BME-UV monolayers and modified Ussing flux chambers to study the movement of drugs across mammary epithelial cell membranes
Jerilynn WeisshaarAnnelise Nguyen
Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology
The Effect of Indole-3-Carbinol on Gap Junction Intercellular Communication in MCF-7 and MDA-453 Breast Cancer Cells
Leah WellmanDeon van der Merwe
Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology
The relative absorption of parathion through porcine and bovine skin