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Veterinary Health Center

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Veterinary Health Center
1800 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

For appointments or emergencies call:

Small Animal Desk
785-532-4309 fax

Large Animal Desk
785-532-4989 fax


Support Us

Whether it’s a gift inspired by the care your animal received in the Veterinary Health Center or as a memorial to a lost member of your family, you can make a difference in veterinary care for other animals right now.

Mile's Fund

Every day, someone says goodbye to their best friend at the Veterinary Health Center because of a disease such as cancer, diabetes or colic. The question is, how many more of our best friends like Miles do we have to lose much too soon?

While we've come a long way in detecting and treating diseases, we have miles to go. That is why the hospital is naming its primary development fund, "The Miles Fund." Any gift that is made to the hospital will go into The Miles Fund, and donors can direct their gift to support any area of the hospital they wish. A donor can choose to support large animal or small, any specialty area such as oncology or small animal medicine, or they can create a memorial through a naming opportunity.


Donors can give directly to the veterinary service of their choice through our VHC WishLists. Contact our Development Office at 785-775-2059 for more information about the following WishLists: 






Livestock Services



Small Animal Internal Medicine

Small Animal Surgery

Giving to the College of Veterinary Medicine

The are a variety of opportunities for philanthropic investment to help create and sustain success in the College of Veterinary Medicine, such as:

  • Funds that benefit the college
  • Funds that benefit individual departments or programs

You may also consider supporting funds that serve to:

  • Lower the cost of education for DVM degree
  • Support exceptional teaching and enhanced learning

Make a gift to the CVM