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Equine Anatomy - Carpus

Radiograph of the Lateral view

Lateral view

Radiograph of the Dorsoplantar view

Dorsopalmar view

Radiograph of the Dorsomedial to Plantarolateral oblique view (DMPL-O)

Dorsomedial to Palmarolateral oblique view (DMPL-O)

Radiograph of the Dorsolateral to Plantaromedial oblique view (DLPM-O)

Dorsolateral to Palmaromedial oblique view (DLPM-O)

Radiograph of the Flexed lateral view

Flexed lateral view

A - Radius

B - Third metacarpal bone

C - Radial carpal bone

D - Ulnar carpal bone

E - Accessory carpal bone

F - Second carpal bone

G - Third carpal bone

H - Fourth carpal bone

I - Antebrachiocarpal joint

J - Middle carpal joint

K - Carpometacarpal joint

L - Second metacarpal bone

M - Fourth metacarpal bone

Int - Intermediate carpal bone