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Veterinary Health Center

Week 21

Signalment Species


Presenting Complaint

One month history of open-mouth breathing and a one week history of PU/PD.

Physical Examination

  • Multiple subcutaneous masses
  • Enlarged submandibular and prescapular lymph nodes
  • No wheezes or crackes on auscultation

Hematological Findings

  • BUN - <2mg/dl (8-30mg/dl)

  • WBC - 77.5x103/ul (6.0-17.0x103/ul)

  • Lymph - 72,000/ul (1500-5000/ul)

What are your initial radiographic impressions?

Radiograph of the Right lateral view

Figure 1: Right lateral view

Radiograph of the Ventrodorsal view

Figure 2: Ventrodorsal view

Additional Imaging

  • NA