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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Impressions:

Findings suggestive of primary pulmonary neoplasia with secondary pulmonary or lymph node metastases. Lesser consideration could be given to lymphoma or metastatic disease. Granulomatous disease is considered less likely.

Ultrasonographic Impressions:

Findings consistent with pulmonary neoplasia

J.J.Hoskinson, DVM, DACVR

Cytologic Findings:

Probable round or mesenchymal cell tumor.

Radiograph showing deviation of the mainstem bronchi

Image: Notice the 5x8x6 cm soft tissue opacity mass in the right caudal lung lobe (arrows). There are 2 additional approximately 5 cm soft tissue masses cranial and dorsal to the carina (highlighted). These are poorly circumscribed and result in deviation of the mainstem bronchi.