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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Findings:

There is fluid and gas present within the intestinal tract. The urinary bladder is moderately distended. Only the left kidney is visualized on the ventrodorsal view. An intravenous pyelogram was performed using 9 ml of Renografin administered into the right cephalic vein. The right kidney is absent. the neck of the urinary bladder is intrapelvic. There is poor visualization of the collecting system on the pyelographic phase. The ureter is within normal limits and terminates in the correct anatomical position.  A portion of the gastric axis extends past the diaphragmatic margin on the right lateral view during the IVP taken at 5 minutes.

Radiographic Impressions:

Right renal agenesis or hypoplasia. Poor visualization of the collecting system of the left kidney which may of no clinical significance although pyelonephritis should not be ruled out.