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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Findings:

There is dorsal tracheal redundancy in the caudal cervical region. The intrathoracic portion of the esophagus is moderately dilated. The left atrium is prominent. Pulmonary vessels are within normal limits. There is an irregularly shaped 5x5 cm in diameter soft tissue opacity located within the ventral portion of the left caudal subsegment of the cranial lung lobe. This opacity border effaces the left portion of the cardiac silhouette on the ventrodorsal view. There is an interstitial lung pattern present in the dorsocaudal lung lobes.

Radiographic Impressions:

Megaesophagus.  Left atrial enlargement likely due to mitral valvular insufficiency. Differentials for the soft tissue mass should include pulmonary primary neoplasia, granuloma, and less likely abscess or hematoma. Recommend ultrasound with fine needle aspiration if clinically indicated.

Ultrasonographic Impressions:

Left atrial enlargement with mitral insufficiency. Left ventral lung mass differentials should include neoplasia with necrotic center, abscess, or granuloma.

L. Armbrust, DVM, 2nd year Radiology Resident