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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Findings:

Left wing: There is comminution of the distal ulna and radius, carpal bones and proximal portion of the major and minor metacarpals. There is irregular periosteal reaction and new bone formation associated with the distal antebrachium and proximal metacarpus. A smooth periosteal reaction extends to the mid diaphysis of the major metacarpus. There are very small metallic shards within this area as well as soft tissue swelling.

Radiographic Impressions:

Severe comminuted fracture of the left distal antebrachium, carpus and proximal metacarpals, which is chronic. Metallic shards in the area suggests a gunshot wound. Periosteal reaction may be associated with attempts to heal or osteomyelitis.

L. Armbrust, DVM, 2nd year radiology resident