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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Findings:

(right metacarpalphalangeal joint)

  1. Several osseous fragments measuring between (0.5-2.0cm) were noted on the proximal aspect of both proximal sesamoid bones. Most of the fragments have smooth borders.
  2. Increased soft tissue swelling over the metacarpalphalangeal joint as evidenced by an increased opacity in the soft tissues surrounding the joint.
  3. 2nd and 4th metacarpal bones have smooth rounded edges suggestive of callous formation at the distal aspect.
  4. There is evidence of disruption of the suspensory ligament were it attaches to the proximal sesamoids.
  5. There is periarticular bony remodeling at the dorsal and palmer aspects of the metacarpalphalangeal joint.

Radiographic Diagnosis:

Wide separation of multiple osseous fragments. Bilateral comminuted proximal sesamoid fracture of the right forelimb with disruption to the suspensory ligament. Moderate degenerative changes in the metacarpalphalangeal joint.


Due to the poor prognosis of a fracture of this nature, the horse was euthanized.