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Veterinary Health Center

March 2006

Signalment Species

Age4 year old

Presenting Complaint

  • Intermittent lameness of her left hindlimb for seven months. When she lopes to the left she drags her toe (does not get full extension).

Physical Examination

  • T= 99.8, P=36 bpm, RR= 12 bpm


  • Lameness Exam- mildly lame, 1/5 on right hindlimb. Lameness more pronounced when lunged under saddle, especially to the left. Was not positive to any flexion test, though showed some sensitivity to prolonged pressure over the proximal plantar surface of right metatarsal region.

  • Showed mild improvement to local anesthesia of her lower two hock joints.

Figure 1
Figure 1.

Figure 2
Figure 2.

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Figure 3.

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Figure 4.

Figure 5
Figure 5.

Figure 6
Figure 6.