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Veterinary Health Center

February 2006

Signalment Species

BreedLabrador Retriever
Age10 years

Presenting Complaint

  • Presented with a history of getting into the dog food. On presentation, the dog was lethargic with heavy breathing, and shaking of the back legs. Eating and drinking were normal and there was no history of vomiting or diarrhea.

Physical Examination

  • T=100.7, P=124 bpm, R=panting
  • Dog was panting heavily on physical exam and seemed especially painful on abdominal palpation. A systolic 2/5 murmur was heard on the left side.


  • Radiographs to evaluate abdominal pain and concern of gastric distention from overeating.

Osteosarcoma of the ilial wing
Figure 1. Osteosarcoma of the ilial wing

Osteosarcoma of the ilial wing
Figure 2. Osteosarcoma of the ilial wing


Case Follow-Up