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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic Interpretation

Whole Body
  • Large irregular soft tissue opacity in the mid to caudal celomic cavity in the region of the proventriculus and ventriculus. This structure contains mottled gas lucencies.

  • Generalized uniform gas distention of the small intestine.

Upper GI Barium Study
  • Immediate films

    • Positive contrast is seen within the crop, esophagus and proventriculus.

    • Multiple filling defects within the crop and diffusely throughout the proventriculus.

  • 25 Minutes

    • Similar to immediate films.

  • 1 Hour

    • Positive contrast remains within the crop with previously described filling defects.

    • Contrast in the ventriculus.

    • Marked dilation of proventriculus with previously described filling defects.

  • 3 Hours

    • Positive contrast and associated filling defects still present in crop.

    • Proventriculus and ventriculus similar in appearance to those at 1 hour.

    • Positive contrast is present within small intestine.

    • Small intestine is uniformly distended with gas and contrast material.

  • 5 Hours

    • Crop, proventriculus and ventriculus are similar in appearance to films at 3 hours.

    • Increase in the amount of contrast material within the small intestine.

  • 23 Hours

    • Crop continues to contain contrast material with filling defects.

    • Proventriculus and small intestines are similar to those films made at 5 hours.

    • Contrast material seen at the level of the cloaca.

Radiographic Impressions

  • Findings with the crop, proventriculus, ventriculus and small intestine are consistent with functional ileus.

  • Rule outs include proventricular dilatation disease, other infectious diseases, metabolic disease or toxicosis.