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Veterinary Health Center

Case Follow-Up

CT of Lumosacral Region:

  • CT Interpretation

    Findings: There is a mixed destructive and productive osseous reaction involving the end plates of both S1 and L7. A periosteal reaction is present along the caudoventral portion of L7. There is soft tissue density present as a rim ventral to the lumbosacral disc space.

    Impression: Findings consistent with discospondylitis.

  • Further Diagnostics

    Fine needle aspirate of right front paw with cellulites – cytology revealed white blood cells with intra and extracellular bacteria

    Culture and sensitivity of aspirate pending

  • Therapeutic Plan

    100 mcg Fentanyl patch
    660 mg Cefazolin IV TID
    75 mg Deramaxx PO SID

CT of Lumosacral RegionCT of Lumosacral RegionCT of Lumosacral Region