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Veterinary Health Center

February 2004

Signalment Species

Age8 months

Presenting Complaint

  • Bilateral rear limb pain with sudden onset 3 weeks prior to presentation; variable severity; difficulty posturing to urinate and defecate; anorexic; febrile (103-104 F); no response to pain medications.

Physical Examination

  • T=100.0 F, P=84 bpm, R=80 bpm, weight=30kg
    Painful upon manipulation of the hips and palpation of the lumbosacral region.
    Stilted, stiff gait in rear limbs.
    Cellulitis of right front distal limb.


  • CBC/Chemistry – stress leukogram
    Pelvic radiographs – What are your radiographic findings and impressions?

Radiograph of the Ventrodorsal Pelvis
Figure 1: Ventrodorsal Pelvis

Radiograph of the Lateral Pelvis
Figure 2: Lateral Pelvis


Case Follow-Up