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Veterinary Health Center

August 2004

Signalment Species

BreedOld English Mastiff
SexFemale Intact
Age8 Months

Presenting Complaint

  • Three-month history of left rear limb lameness.

Physical Examination

  • Rectal temperature = 102.4 F, Heart Rate = 84 bpm, Respiratory Rate = panting, Weight = 99.7 lb (45.1 kg), Attitude = bright, alert, and responsive.

  • Crepitus of left stifle.

  • Distension of left stifle joint capsule.

  • Weight-bearing lameness of left stifle.

  • Pain on flexion and extension of left stifle.


  • Radiographs of left stifle

Radiograph showing Left stifle. Craniocaudal view.
Figure 1: Left stifle. Craniocaudal view.

Radiograph showing Left stifle. Lateral view.
Figure 2: Left stifle. Lateral view.


Case Follow-Up