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Veterinary Health Center

Case Follow-Up

Further Diagnostics:

  • Abdominal ultrasound findings and impressions: inhomogeneous eccentrically located intestinal mass in the right caudal abdominal cavity, multiple enlarged hypoechoic lymph nodes with central portions of increased echogenicity at the root of the mesentery/ rule outs for the intestinal mass include neoplasia with lesser consideration given to granulomatous infiltration, rule outs for mesenteric lymphadenopathy include neoplasia and reactive lymph nodes.

    Mesenteric Lymph Node
    Figure 1: Mesenteric Lymph Node

    Intestinal Mass
    Figure 2: Intestinal Mass

    Intestinal Mass
    Figure 3: Intestinal Mass

  • Fine needle aspirates of intestinal mass and lymph nodes (ultrasound guided): nondiagnostic

  • Intestinal resection and anastomosis performed, submitted surgical biopsies of intestinal mass and lymph nodes: malignant neoplasm, poorly differentiated mast cell tumor


  • Owners elected chemotherapy and the cat has an improved appetite and gained weight.