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Veterinary Health Center


Radiographic findings:

  • There is a circular mass of soft tissue opacity measuring 4 cm in diameter present cranial to the urinary bladder. There is an ill-defined increased soft tissue opacity in the central mid abdominal cavity cranial to this mass. There is mottled fecal material with focal mineral opacities present within the majority of the colon. No other abnormalities are identified.

Radiographic Impressions:

  • Mass in mid central abdominal cavity cranial to urinary bladder with organs of origin including intestinal and mesenteric. Rule outs for the mass include neoplasia, granuloma/abscess, hematoma, and cyst. Irregularly defined soft tissue opacity in the mid central abdomen may represent end on bowel loops, however lymphadenopathy or disease of intestines cannot be ruled out. Recommend abdominal ultrasound for further evaluation if clinically indicated.