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Veterinary Health Center

November 2003

Signalment Species

Age9 yrs

Presenting Complaint

  • Gradual weight loss and intermittent vomiting over several months. Previously diagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Physical Examination

  • Pale mucous membranes, grade IV/VI holosystolic heart murmur, HR = 186bpm, BP = 120mm Hg, palpable abdominal mass.


  • CBC/Chemistry – HCT=21% (microcytic, hypochromic)
  • FELV/FIV test – negative
  • T4, T3 and FT4D – within normal limits
  • Occult heartworm antigen test – negative
  • Thoracic radiographs & echocardiogram – no abnormalities noted on radiographs/ echo showed a thickened left ventricular free wall and ventricular septum, moderate left atrial enlargement
  • Abdominal radiographs – What are your radiographic findings and impressions?

Ventrodorsal View
Figure 1: Ventrodorsal View

Right Lateral View
Figure 2: Right Lateral View


Case Follow-Up