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Veterinary Health Center

Pet Health Center

Quality, compassionate care for life

Pet Health Group DoctorsThe Pet Health Center is your local veterinarian. The doctors, technicians, and students of the Pet Health Center are dedicated to the care of your pet through all of its life stages.

We provide all the routine health care services any local veterinarian would provide as well as full service medical care and diagnostics.

Services Offered
A partial list of services provided by Pet Health:

Annual Wellness Exams
Heartworm Testing
Senior Pet Care Program
Dental exams and Cleaning
Routine Behavior Consultation
Spay and Neutering
Minor Wound Repair
Anal sac Expression
Health Certificates (National & International)
Nutritional Counsel
Routine Eye Care
Fecal Exams
FeLV/FIV Testing
Breed Selection/Consultation
Flea & Tick Control

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