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Evaluation of a novel point-of-care test for histoplasmosis

Diagnostic performance of a novel point-of-care test for histoplasmosis in dogs and cats.


Purpose and Brief Study Description:

Currently, there is no point-of-care test for dogs and cats suspected to have histoplasmosis. The current testing method, EIA antigen test, takes at least two days for results. This study will investigate if a new method will prove to be an accurate, point-of-care test to diagnose histoplasmosis.  This study will enroll patients suspected of having histoplasmosis, as well as those with clinical signs similar to histoplasmosis but diagnosed with something other than histoplasmosis, to serve as a control.

Clinical Protocol:

Both blood and urine will be collected from dogs and cats suspected to have histoplasmosis. A blood sample (up to 6ml from a peripheral vein) and a urine sample (2ml either free catch or by cystocentesis) will be collected. These will be submitted for the new point-of-care test on serum, as well as the traditional EIA antigen test on both urine and serum.

Enrollment Criteria:

Any dog or cat suspected to have histoplasmosis. Or, any dog or cat with clinical signs similar to histoplasmosis, to be entered into the control arm of study.

What does enrollment into this trial involve?

This study requires one visit to the VHC for physical exam and blood and urine sample collection. Patients who test positive for histoplasmosis may be invited to participate in an additional trial assessing histoplasmosis genotypes. Details for that study can be found here.

Client Compensation:

This study covers the cost of sample collection (both blood and urine) as well as testing for histoplasmosis.  Fees for other diagnostic testing and antifungal treatment will be the responsibility of the owner.

Contact Information:

For more information about this trial, please contact Misty Bear, Clinical Trials Coordinator:  

Phone: (785)532-3046, email: ClinicalTrials@vet.k-state.edu