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CLOSED--Trial for beef cattle with single-foot lameness--CLOSED

Evaluation of risk factors associated with septic arthritis of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIJ) and associated anatomic structures in adult beef cattle



Lameness is a condition associated with important economic losses in beef cattle operations. According to recent studies, approximately 85% of lameness in beef cattle originate in the foot. Delayed treatment of foot lameness can lead to septic arthritis of the distal interphalangeal joint (DIJ) and associated anatomical structures. Digital infection in cattle causes severe chronic pain and is an animal welfare concern. Diagnosis of septic arthritis of the DIJ in cattle is uncommonly performed in the field and most cases are diagnosed by radiographic imaging or arthrocentesis at referral veterinary teaching hospitals or specialized practices.



To evaluate if the duration of lameness, the number of antibiotic treatments received before veterinary evaluation, the degree of lameness, and the presence or not of asymmetric swelling in the affected foot are risk factors for infection of the distal interphalangeal joint and/or associated anatomic structures in single-foot lame beef cattle.


Enrollment Criteria:

Adult beef cattle 2 years of age or older, any gender or breed, presenting with single-foot lameness.


What does enrollment into this trial involve?

To be enrolled in this study, all cattle must be seen by the Livestock Service at KSU VHC for evaluation. Evaluation cannot be done by Field Services. Owners will be expected to sign a client consent form before their cattle can enter the study.
All cattle will undergo a complete lameness examination including lameness scoring.
During the lameness examination, the presence of swelling at the coronary band of the
affected foot will be evaluated and the symmetry (even distribution) of the swelling will
be determined in both digits. Arthrocentesis of the DIJ for cytologic analysis of synovial
fluid will be performed in addition to radiographs of the affected foot.
All study-related activities will be completed during one visit to the VHC.


Client Compensation:

The study covers the cost associated with radiographs, arthrocentesis and cytology.
The owner is responsible for the cost of the initial lameness examination and all treatments.


Contact Information:

For more information, please contact Misty Bear, Clinical Trials Coordinator:
phone: (785)532-3046, email: ClinicalTrials@vet.k-state.edu