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Food Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship

The Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University is offering a one year internship in Food Animal Medicine and Surgery. The internship will provide a clinical experience, designed to afford maximal contact with a diverse selection of case material in both an ambulatory / field services practice and a hospital / referral practice. The objective is to advance the interns clinical skills through interaction as a team member with their colleagues specializing in surgery, internal medicine, field service, and production medicine.

The intern will participate in surgery, medicine, field service and production medicine. The intern will spend approximately fifty percent of the time in the field service component of the practice and fifty percent of the time in the hospital practice. The intern will have the opportunity to develop the technical skills necessary for management of livestock production records and farm data collection. The intern will be expected to interact with a wide range of livestock producers most of whom are beef oriented and to develop and display excellent written and oral communication skills. The case load is 85% cattle with approximately 75% beef and 25% dairy, but the intern will treat all species including bovine, ovine, caprine, swine and camelid patients. The intern will also learn through consultation with radiologists, clinical and morphologic pathologists and other clinical and basic science specialists. The intern, along with other house officers, will participate in delivery of after-hours emergency care on a rotating basis under the direct supervision of the food animal faculty. The intern will be assigned a mentor to set personal goals such as case studies and case reports.

Interns will be evaluated in writing three times a year and the evaluation will be discussed with the section head of Livestock Services and Hospital Director.

The intern must be physically present for orientation on the first day of the program.

The Veterinary Health Center is a modern, spacious facility on the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. The University is in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas with numerous recreational opportunities available.

Kansas State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.  A background check will be required of all successful applicants prior to employment at Kansas State University.  Matched applicants must apply for a Kansas Veterinary Institutional License.

Intern and resident candidates are selected through the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians (AAVC) Veterinary Intern and Resident Matching Program (VIRMP). Information about position availability, program descriptions and forms needed to apply can be found at the VIRMP web site.

See Veterinary Intern and Resident Matching Program (VIRMP) for program descriptions, availability and application forms.