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Veterinary Research Scholar Funding

The administration and faculty at the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine recognize the importance of providing hands-on research training to veterinary students early in their veterinary curriculum to teach them research skills and to spark their interest towards pursuing a research degree and a career in research discovery.  With advanced research training, these future veterinary researchers will have the potential to make great advances in both human and animal healthcare, in areas such as preventing infectious disease, improving food safety, curing cancer, controlling heart disease, and managing diabetes!  The Veterinary Research Scholars Program aims to provide an important foundational research step in building a successful research career for these top-tier veterinary students. 

Scholars who are chosen for this competitive program are paid approximately $2000 per month for the 3-month summer program from May through August each year.  Scholars also benefit from weekly activities, monthly tours, and an expense-paid trip at the end of the summer to the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium to present their research to industry leaders and scholars and mentors from veterinary schools around the world. 

The KSU Veterinary Research Scholars Program is funded through competitive grants and generous support from the following:

Each year there are more interested and qualified scholars who apply to our KSU Veterinary Research Scholars Program than the program currently has funding to support.   With many excellent mentors and research opportunities, our program has room to grow!

If you would like to invest in our scholars and help support the KSU Veterinary Research Scholars Program, please contact Dr. Kate KuKanich or our KSU College of Veterinary Medicine Foundation Team.