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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Journal Club/Lecture/Discussion


2019 Schedule
Veterinary Journal Club/Lecture/Discussion
Tuesdays, Coles Hall Room 235, 8:30am-9:30am



Topic/Assigned Reading

May 21

Orientation week


May 28

Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis

Students: Brandon, Ryan, Tera

Topic: Process of Finding a Mentor in a Graduate Program

  1. Early Career Mentoring for Translational Researchers: Mentee Perspective on Challenges and Issues; Keller et al,Teach Learn Med. 2014; 26(3): 211–216.
  2. Mentorship and pursuit of academic medicine careers; Yehia et al. BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:26

June 4

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen

Students: Jason, Alex, Zack

Topic: Authorship and Contribution

  1. Authorship matrix
  2. Honorary and ghost authorship
  3. Ethical issues concerning authorship in biomedical journals

June 11

Faculty: Dr. Nora Springer

Students: Samantha, Ryan, Lauren

Topic: Translational Research

  1. Developing translational medicine professionals
  2. Relationship among translational medicine, evidence-based medicine and precision medicine
  3. Translating clinical trials from human to veterinary oncology and back


June 17

Faculty: Dr. Kate KuKanich

Students: Sarah, Jason

Topic: Mission, Philosophy and Training of Veterinarian Scientist

  1. DVM/PhD veterinarian scientist
  2. Physician-scientist workforce report
  3. Example of training program

June 25

Faculty: Dr. Maggie Behnke

Students: Zack, Tera, Kallie


Topic: Ethical Use of Animals in Research

  1. Jenny Ito Case
  2. Counting Sheep

July 2

Faculty: Dr. Bruce Schultz

Students: Alex, Samantha, MaRyka

Topic: Laboratory Ethics

July 8

Faculty: Dr. Kate KuKanich

Students: Kallie, Lauren

Topic: Responsible One Health Research

  1. One Health: A New Professional Imperative
  2. A Framework for One Health Research
  3. Effective Transdisciplinary Research

July 16

Faculty: Dr. Majid Jaberi-Douraki

Students: Sarah, Brandon, MaRyka


Topic: Big Biomedical Data

  1. Sharing Big Biomedical Data
  2. What is Data Sharing and Why Should Biomedical Research Embrace it

July 23

Poster Presentation for KSU CVM

Poster Session / Discuss travel plans to Tufts

July 30

Field trip week