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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Journal Club/Lecture/Discussion

2017 Schedule
Monday, 12:00PM – 235 Coles Hall
DateInstructors/FacilitatorsTopic/Assigned Reading
May 15

Orientation Week


May 22

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Student: Emma Winkley

Topic: Scientists – Translational Research

  1. Developing Translational medicine professionals 2016.pdf– Petrelli et al. J Transl Med 2016, 14:329
  2. Young scientists go for fresh ideas; Nature 2015, Volume 518, page 283.
  3. The place of implementation science in the translational medicine continuum – Thornicroft et al. Psychological Medicine 2011, 41:2015-2021.
  4. Topics in research\Translational Medicine\Translating clinical trials from human to veterinary oncology and back 2015.pdf  Furdos et al. J Transl Med 2015, 13:265.
June 5

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Student: Chester McDowell

Topic: Approaches to Biomedical Research

  1. Organ-On-A-Chip. Cho S, Yoon JY. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 2017, 45:34-42.
  2. Molecular Modelling and Simulations. Friedman R, Boye K, Flatmark K. BBA Reviews on Cancer. 2013.
  3. Mammalian Cell Tissue. Phelan K, May M. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology. 2017.
  4. Preparation and Analysis of DNA. Moore D, Dowhan D. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology. 2012.
  5. Preparation and Analysis of RNA. Kingston R, Current Protocols in Molecular Biology. 2012. 
  6. Isolation of RNA Protein Complexes. Chung-Sheng BL, Das R, Reed R. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology. 2003.
June 12

FacultyDr. Bruce Schultz
Student: Danielle Pickering

Topic:  Laboratory Ethics and Laboratory Relationships

  1. Scientists behaving badly.  Martinson BC, Anderson MS, De Vries RG.  Nature. 2005;435:737-738.
  2. Research, evidence and ethics: new technology or grey medicine. Zhai, H, Zhong, W, Wu, Y. Annals of Translational Medicine. 2015;3(2)15.
June 19

Faculty: Dr. Bruce Schultz
Students: Mollie Burton
Margherita Zecchin

Topic: Ethical Use of Animals

  1. Using Animal Models in Biomedical Research –  Chow et al. (2008).
  2. Why animal research needs to improve – Malcohm Macleod (2011) Nature 466:511.
June 26

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
StudentAsia Fernandes

Topic: Finding a Mentor Research Project

  1. Young Investigator Perspectives. Choosing an Intellectually Generous Mentor. Hoffman (2016)
  2. Thoughts on Choosing a Mentor.
  3. Early Career Mentoring.
 July 10

Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis
StudentJennie Kim 

Topic: Collaboration

  1. Case Study: When Collaborators Disagree
  2. Case Study: Why Can't We all Just Get Along?
  3. Stress in Biomedical Research Six Impossible Things. Green (2010)
  4. The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research. Schwartz (2008)
 July 17

Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis
Student: Kainoa Johnson
Diana Luzuriaga

Topic: Authorship and Contribution

  1. Ethical assignment of authorship in scientific publications: issues and guidelines. Feeser et al, Academic Emergency Medicine 2008, 15:963-969.
  2. Authorship Matrix: a rational approach to quantify individual contributions and responsibilities in multi-author scientific articles – Clement (2014) 20:345-361.
 July 24Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
StudentAnnie Sheu

Topic: Big Data

  1. Sharing big biomedical data – Toga and Dinov Journal of Big Data (2015) 2:7.
  2. What is Data Sharing and Why Should Biomedical Researchers Embrace it? Bobrow (2015) Transplantation, 99(4):654.
 July 31Poster Presentation on August 1 Poster Session / Discuss plans for travel to NIH campus, Bethesda, Maryland