Mentors and Projects

Dr. Raghavendra Amachawadi Research Assistant Professor of Microbiology/Epidemiology Effect of antibiotic alternatives on antimicrobial resistance in swine production systems
Dr. Chieko Azuma Clinical Assistant Professor Pain assessment and activity tracking in dogs with spontaneous cancer undergoing radiation therapy.
Dr. Natalia Cernicchiaro Assistant Prof of Epidemiology Quantifying how whole-dairy and large-scale feedlot application of a pre-harvest fermentation product reduces Salmonella in lymph nodes.
Dr. Jeba Jesudoss Chelladurai Assistant Professor of Parasitology Optimizing an in vitro assay to differentiate drug-susceptible and resistant canine heartworm
Dr. Robert DeLong Associate Prof of Physiology Function of the most conserved sequence in the NSARS-CoV-2 RNA genome: synthesis and characterization of a palindromic triplex forming regulatory region NSARS-CoV-2.
Dr. Sherry Fleming Professor, Biology Mechanisms of intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury vary by sex.
Dr. Roman Ganta Professor and Director of Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Diseases Evaluation of vaccines to prevent infections with tick-borne Ehrlichia and Anaplasma species pathogens in canine and bovine hosts
Dr. Brian Herrin Assistant Professor of Parasitology Tick-borne pathogens of horses
Dr. Maria Jugan Assistant Prof of Clinical Sciences Effect of IV Iron Sucrose (Venofer) on hematologic parameters in healthy cats.
Dr. Michael Kleinhenz Assistant Prof of Beef Production Medicine Determination of cannabinoid concentrations in milk from Holsteins fed industrial hemp.
Dr. Butch KuKanich Professor in Anatomy & Physiology Evaluation of the efficacy and effects of the novel long-acting oral analgesic, methadone/fluconazole/naltrexone, in dogs.
Dr. Kate KuKanich Associate Prof of Internal Medicine Characterization and relevance of leukogram in dogs presenting for elective spay and neuter.
Dr. Meena Kumari Associate Prof in Anatomy & Physiology Determine effect(s) of minor cannabinoids on human astrocytes.
Dr. Phillip Lancaster Clinical Assistant Professor, Ruminant Nutrition Quantifying the relationship between maintenance energy requirements and carcass and visceral body composition in ruminants
Dr. Bob Larson Professor of Production Medicine

Using field data and epidemiologic methods to evaluate bull breeding soundness examination variables and other reproductive parameters in beef cattle herds

Dr. Berlin Londono Assistant Prof of Entomology Role of mosquito salivary proteins in animal angiogenesis.
Dr. Dylan Lutter Clinical Assistant Professor of Equine Performance Medicine and Surgery Evaluation of wound healing gene expression in equine wounds treated with autologous biologic therapies
Dr. Waithaka Mwangi Professor in Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology Development of African Swine Fever [ASFV] subunit vaccines.
Dr. T.G. Nagaraja University Distinguished Professor of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology

Impact of feeding a commercial probiotic on fecal shedding of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in feedlot cattle

Dr. Leela Noronha USDA, ARS, ABADRU

Effects of high-polyphenol sorghum bran extract on porcine macrophage-like cells

Dr. Cassandra Olds Assistant Prof of Entomology Housefly hustle: how far do house flies fly in confined cattle operations.
Dr. Yoonseong Park Professor of Entomology

Effects of microbiome on tick survival

Dr. Juergen A. Richt Regents Distinguished Professor and Director of Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases

Differential gene expression in SARS-CoV-2-infected preclinical animal models

Dr. David Renter Professor of Epidemiology Health management factors affecting the value of beef calves sold through online video auction.
Dr. Kris Silver Research Assistant Professor, Entomology Identifying mechanisms that affect exosome function.
Dr. Nora Springer Assistant Prof of Clinical Pathology Equine IgG 3/5 responses to non-viral vaccine components.
Dr. Masaaki Tamura Professor in Anatomy & Physiology Prevention of influenza A viral infection
Dr. Abbie Viscardi Assistant Prof of Behavior Physiology Evaluation of oral firocoxib, administered to the sow and delivered transmammary to piglets, to alleviate pain in swine
Dr. William Whitehouse Assistant Prof of Small Animal Medicine
Renal and cardiac effects of diltiazem continuous infusion in healthy dogs.