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The primary focus of the Institute's research program is stem cell biology and related technology. Major progress has already been made in discovery, characterization and application of remarkably adaptive and plentiful cord matrix cells not heretofore realized. The collaboration among scientists addressing both human and animal research goals contributes to a strong comparative medical environment. Efforts include both basic and applied research supported by federal and state funding and through collaboration with other public and private entities. Projects funded by or through the institute are interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. A strong assembly of affiliated research scientists contributes to this effort.

The northeastern Kansas science environment offers major collaborative and funding relationships in which the Institute does or will participate. Prominent among these are the Kansas University and its Medical Center, the Stowers Medical Research Institute, the Higuchi Biosciences Center, the Midwest Research Institute and the Kansas Biosciences Authority.

The research and educational programs foster an intellectually stimulating, collaborative environment. The university and its associated organizations have facilities on and off campus that can contribute effectively to this effort. In addition to traditional on-campus laboratories, offices and conference rooms, the K-State Alumni Center is a world class facility for social events and workshops. Rock Springs Ranch and the Konza Prairie provide unique and outstanding remote conference and workshop facilities.