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College of Veterinary Medicine

2018 North American PRRS Symposium Final Program
Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile


4:00-6:00 pmRegistration, 4th Floor Waverly Foyer


7:00-11:30 amRegistration, 5th Floor Registration Kiosk
8:00-12:00 pmSession 1 - 7th Floor - Salon II
Session 1: Nidoviruses: Emerging Coronaviruses and PRRSV
Moderators: Ying Fang - Kansas State University, Hiep Vu - University of Nebraska
8:00 amMichael P. Murtaugh Memorial Lecture
Michael Rahe - Iowa State University, "Characterizing the memory B cell
    response to PRRSV"
8:30 amTomasz Stadejek - Warsaw University of Life Sciences, "Origin and diversity of
    PRRSV-1 in Europe"
9:00 amYaowei Huang - Zhejiang University, "Receptor usage and potential
    cross-species transmission of porcine deltacoronavirus
9:30 amKay Faaberg - USDA Agricultural Research Service, "A fresh look at
    PRRSV evolution: US field strains from 2013-2017
10:00 amBreak - 7th Floor - Foyer - Salon II
10:30 amQiuhong Wang - The Ohio State University, "Emerging and re-emerging
    coronaviruses in pigs
11:00 amPengcheng Shang - Kansas State University, "Emerging PRRSV variants:
    molecular signatures in nsp2 region
11:20 amKimberly VanderWaal - University of Missouri, "Forecasting outbreaks of
    PRRS and PED in swine movement networks
11:40 amLate Breaking News
Kristin Whitworth - University of Missouri, 
"Genetic modification
    of ANPEP in pigs and resistance to coronavirus infection
12:00 pmLunch - 7th Floor Foyer - Salon II

Please Note: Registration to the NA-PRRS Symposium, which includes lunch ticket, is required.
12:00 pmPoster set-up opens, 7th Floor - Salon III
1:00-5:00 pmSession 2 - 7th Floor - Salon II
Session 2: Global Challenges in Infectious Disease - Update on ASF in China
Moderators: Paul Sundberg - SHIC, Daniel Rock - University of Illinois, Bob Rowland - Kansas State University
Session supported in part by a grant from USDA NIFA (2018-67015-27893)
1:00 pmPaul Sundberg - SHIC, "Setting priorities for disease threats and
    strategies: Is ASF coming closer?
1:20 pmAlex Morrow - STAR-IDAZ, "Emerging diseases: Addressing the
    unmet vaccine needs
1:40 pmRaymond (Bob) Rowland - Kansas State University, "Host genetics: Bringing the pig to the vaccine"
2:10 pmDaniel Rock - University of Illinois, "African swine fever vaccine
    development ... perhaps the end of the beginning""
2:40 pmJohnny Callahan - Tetracore,"The evolution of ASFV real-time PCR,
    assuring fit-for–purpose as disease spreads worldwide
3:00 pmBreak - 7th Floor - Foyer - Salon II
3:30 pmAlexei Zaberezhny, Y.R. Kovalenko, and K.I. Skryabin - Federal Research
"Progress in the control of CSF and ASF in Russia"
4:00 pmScott Dee-Pipestone, Diego Diel - South Dakota State University, Megan
    Niederwerder - Kansas State University, 
"Risk for transmission by feed
    ingredients and potential mitigation strategies for ASF and other
    transboundary diseases
4:40 pmDouglas Gladue - Plum Island Animal Disease Center, ARS, USDA, "Rapid
    development of experimental live attenuated vaccines for outbreak
    strains of African swine fever virus
5:00 pmEnd of Saturday session


8:00-12:00 pmSession 3 - 7th Floor - Salon II
Session 3: PRRSV Vaccines, Immunity and Host Response to Infection
Moderators: Bob Rowland - Kansas State University, Jay Calvert - Zoetis
8:00 amOpening Keynote Address
Michael Roof - Boehringer-Ingelheim"Lessons and opportunities
    learned from 25 years of PRRSV MLV"
8:30 amEnric Mateu - IRTA-UAB, Spain, "PRRSV vaccines and vaccination:
    present and future
9:00 amWaithaka Mwangi - Kansas State University "Vectored vaccine strategies
    for ASF
9:30 amPanel discussion on PRRSV vaccines with Mike Roof, Jay Calvert, Bob Rowland,
    Waithaka Mwangi, and Enric Mateu
10:00 amBreak - 7th Floor - Foyer - Salon II
10:30 amNick Serao - Iowa State University, "Genomic analysis of total antibody
    response to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome
    (PRRS) Modified Live Virus (MLV) vaccination in commercial
    replacement gilts
11:00 amKyu-Sang Lim - Iowa State University, "Blood transcriptome in healthy
    piglets as a potential biomarker to improve disease resilience
11:20 amAndrew Kick - North Carolina State University, "Deciphering
    immunosuppression and immunological memory to homologous
    and heterologous strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory
    syndrome virus
11:50 amLunch (on your own)
1:00-4:30 pmSession 4 - 5th Floor - Chicago Ballroom
Session 4: NC-229 - PRRSV and Emerging Respiratory Diseases of Pigs 
Beginning of CRWAD Meeting

Moderators: Daniel Rock - University of Illinois, Sheela Ramamoorthy - North Dakota State University
1:00 pmDavid Banfield - The Ohio State University, and Daniel Rock, University of
"Opening remarks and tribute to Michael P. Murtaugh"
1:15 pmFeatured Speaker
Montserrat Torremorell - University of Minnesota, "Transmission and control
    of influenza: the role of the piglet
2:00 pmJack Dekkers - Iowa State University "Genetically improving resistance
    of pigs to PRRS virus infection
2:15 pmLevon Abrahamyan - University of Montreal, "Global picture of Nidovirus
    - Host cell interactions revealed by comparative proteomics
2:30 pmBreak
3:00 pmJanice Telfer - University of Massachusetts"Swine WC1 genes are a
    multi-genic array with bacterial binding capacity
3:15 pmHiep Vu - University of Nebraska, "Correlates of cross-protective
    immunity to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
3:30 pmYanhua Li - Kansas State University, "Hyperphosphorylation of PRRSV
    nsp2-related proteins regulate viral subgenomic RNA
3:45 pmLaura Constance - Kansas State University, "Fecal microbiota
    transplantation shifts microbiome composition and reduces
    morbidity and mortality associated with PCVAD
4:00 pmNC-229 Business Meeting
4:30 pmEnd of session
6:30 pmSunday Evening: Reception and Poster Session, in conjunction with CRAWD, Salon III, 7th Floor
8:30 pmRemove all Posters