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College of Veterinary Medicine

2018 North American PRRS Symposium Organizing Committees

2018 NA PRRSS Planning Committee
Executive Directors, NA PRRSS: Dr. Raymond R.R. Rowland
Kansas State University

Dr. Ying Fang
Kansas State University
Executive Director, CRAWD: Dr. David Benfield
The Ohio State University 
Industry Liaisons:  Dr. Lisa Becton
National Pork Board

Dr. Paul Sundberg
Swine Health Information Center 
NA PRRSS Publicist and Photographer: Joe Montgomery
Kansas State University
NA PRRSS Internal Coordinator
and Proceedings Editor:
 Francine Rowland
Kansas State University
NA PRRSS Audio Visual
Speaker Coordinator:
 Maureen Sheahan
Kansas State University
NA PRRSS Onsite Coordinator: Jennifer Stalley
Midwest Solutions
NA PRRSS and NC229 Joint Scientific Committee
Dr. Kay Faaberg: USDA Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Montserrat Torremorell: University of Minnesota
Dr. Hiep Vu: University of Nebraska
Dr. Leyi Wang: University of Illinois
Dr. Donwan Yoo: University of Illinois
Dr. Yanjin Zhang: University of Maryland
NA PRRSS Travel Fellowship Selection Committee Members
Dr. Joan Lunney: USDA, ARS-BARC
Dr. Derrald Holtkamp: Iowa State University
Dr. Daniel C.L. Linares: Iowa State University