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Dr. Bob Morrison Memorial

The 2017 NA PRRS Symposium is Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Bob Morrison

Dr. Bob Morrison

The Dr. Bob Morrison Memorial Fellowship

The Dr. Bob Morrison Memorial Fellowship is given in memory of Dr. Bob Morrison, who was a professor in the Department of Veterinary Population Medicine at the University of Minnesota. He graduated with a BS in 1974 followed by a DVM in 1979; both from the University of Saskatchewan. In 1984, he received his PhD from the University of Minnesota.  The title of his dissertation was, “An epidemiological investigation into enzootic pneumonia of swine.” In 1994, Dr. Morrison went on to receive his MBA from the University of Minnesota. His research focused on the control of PRRS and other diseases on the farm. He translated science into practical solutions. Dr. Morrison was part of the team that discovered PRRSV and, more recently, was the creator of the Swine Health Monitoring Program, an industry-wide effort designed to help the industry prevent the next “PRRSV”.  Between 2008 and 2013, he directed the extension efforts for the PRRS Coordinated Agricultural Project (PRRS CAP).  As a leader, he demonstrated the feasibility of designing, developing, implementing, and managing regional elimination projects.  His efforts resulted in the recognition that PRRS elimination is feasible and should be a stated goal for the swine industry.  Perhaps his greatest strength was his unique ability to convince farmers to share data and information to the benefit of the entire swine production community.  In addition to educating producers on disease control methods, he was a good friend and mentor to many in the PRRS research and outreach communities.  Everyone was affected by his enthusiasm and passion.  This fellowship, organized by Dr. Montse Torremorell and Dr. Joan Lunney, will provide travel support for future scientists who wish to follow in his footsteps.  

The 2017 NA PRRS conference is dedicated to his memory. Bob will be missed.

2017 Bob Morrison Fellowship Awardees
Yanhua Li, Kansas State UniversityPengcheng Shang, Kansas State University
Kabita Pandey, South Dakota State UniversityAna Stoian, Kansas State University
Austin Putz, Iowa State UniversityQingzhan Zhang, University of Illinois