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Online Tritrichomoniasis Veterinarian Certification

This is the Kansas Bovine Trichomoniasis Veterinarian Certification Program:

There are three steps to the program:

Step 1: Watch the Trichomoniasis and Trichomonas foetus sample and sample handling presentation below.

Step 2: Read through the Kansas Trichomoniasis regulation presentation below.

Step 3: Complete the examination

The examination requires a 100% for passing.

The examination can be taken as many times as needed to achieve the 100% score.

Once all three steps, listed above, have successfully been completed, your contact information will be sent to the Kansas Department of Agriculture: Division of Animal Health (DAH). The KDAH will send you a letter stating your certification status.

Re-certification will be required every 5 years. A letter will be sent to you before that time to remind you to re-certify.

Please watch the slideshow below.

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Please also review the following slides before taking the quiz. These slides do not feature audio.


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