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Student International Travel Awards 

International travel awards are open to K-State College of Veterinary Medicine students who plan to undertake projects or courses outside America which are beneficial to their education and contribute to improved animal health and/or public health.

Projects or coursework must have a positive impact on the host country, organization, or region. Preference is given to ideas that are novel, interesting, brilliant, ‘out of the box’, and creative, which can also be easily communicated to other students to inspire them in international work.

See these presentations  for examples of previous scholarship recipients. 

2018 Application Process

  1. Submit a completed application form to international@vet.k-state.edu by February 23, 2018.
  2. The selection committee will review and evaluate all proposals based on the criteria listed above.
  3. All applicants will be notified if they have received an award. 


*These awards are only open to students enrolled at Kansas State University. 

*The KSU study abroad website also has a scholarship database to review for KSU students to apply for additional funding.


Who is eligible for the award?
Any College of Veterinary Medicine student currently enrolled at Kansas State University.

Must the project take place outside of the USA?
Yes, to be eligible the project or part of the project must take place outside of the USA.

What types of project are eligible?
Examples of projects which are eligible for the award may include externships, mentorships, research projects, conferences, clinical or field experiences, study tours, other courses. However, this list is not exclusive.

How much funding is available for the project?
The amount of funding awarded depends on the number of successful applicants chosen. Typically minimum amount of funding for a student international travel award is 1,000 USD and the maximum would be 5,000 USD.

How do I apply for the award?
Applicants must complete a proposal on the standard template provided. The proposal must answer the guiding questions and demonstrate that the applicant meets the basic eligibility criteria; that the activity will provide benefits relevant to the student, veterinary science or public health; that the activity is of benefit to the hosting country or organization; and that it is ethical, legal, feasible and sustainable. Preference will be given to ideas which are novel, interesting, brilliant, out of the box, and creative.

Do I need a commitment from the hosting organization at the time I submit my application?
No you do not need a commitment for the hosting organization at the time that you apply, but if you have a commitment, you may include this with your application.

Who can help with travel advice before my trip?
The CVM can put you in contact with a faculty mentor who has knowledge of the region which you are visiting.
You should also contact the education abroad office for advice on health insurance and health care when travelling. It is a requirement to let the education abroad office know about your travel plans.