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College of Veterinary Medicine

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Seminars - Sponsored by CVM International Programs

KSU CVM International Programs

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
"OIE Veterinary Education Establishment Twinning Project"Keith HamiltonKSU CVM International Programs
"OIE Veterinary Education Establishment Twinning Project"Tesfaalem SebhatuKSU CVM International Programs


Careers in International Veterinary Medicine

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
"The Role of a Veterinarian in the 2014 Ebola Outbreak"Erin CaseyMerial, Formerly Dept. of State
“The Road Less Traveled” (PDF)Liz MumfordWHO
"Working in the United Nations - A veterinary epidemiologist's perspective" (PDF)Caryl LockhartKSU CVM, Former FAO Epidemiologist
“The Current State of Veterinary Medicine in Italy” (PDF)Martina FabbiVisiting Postdoc


Student Travel Abroad

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
Student Travel Awards Presentations 2016

Marie Keith, Sohaila Jafarian, Leah Freilich

KSU CVM Students
"Student Life at Sokoine University of Agriculture"Dominica Genda, Raymond FanuelVisiting students from Morogoro, Tanzania

Animal Diseases and Zoonoses of International Importance

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
"Clinical Case Presentation - Newcastle Disease"Raymond Fanuel     Visiting student from Sokoine University of Agriculture - Morogoro, Tanzania
"Animal and Human Anthrax Cases in Tanzania"
Dominica GendaVisiting student from Sokoine University of Agriculture - Morogoro, Tanzania
"FMD Vaccine Matching"
Tesfaalem SebhatuKSU CVM International Programs
"FMD: Global Situation and Potential for Spread"
Tesfaalem SebhatuKSU CVM International Programs
"Working Together to Address Global Challenges"Alex MorrowInternational Research Consortium on Animal Health
 "International Efforts to Fight Rabies"Gregorio Torres OIE
"FMD Epidemiologic Situation in Africa"Tesfaalem SebhatuKSU CVM International Programs
"Social Network Analysis (SNA) in animal health" (PDF)Caryl LockhartKSU CVM, Former FAO Epidemiologist
"Drivers of Infectious Disease: Connections Matter"   (PDF) William Karesh                           EcoHealth Alliance
 “Challenges Conquered and the Role of Vaccination in International Disease Eradication and Control Efforts" (PDF) Keith Hamilton KSU CVM International Programs


Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
"Countering Biological Threats"
Andy WeberFormer Assistant Secretary of Defense
"UK International Biological Security Programme: animal health sector engagement"
Dave ElliotUK Cooperative Threat Reduction Program
Global experts visit K-State College of Vet Med 1350 KMAN
"Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Terrorism – efforts to reduce the threat"
Ambassador Bonnie JenkinsDepartment of State

Sustainable Crop-Livestock

Presentation TitlePresenterOrganization
"Sustainable Food and Agriculture: Work in progress"

Henning Steinfeld

Food & Agricultural Organization