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International Travel Awards

Travel Awardees

Two veterinary students will work on research projects overseas as recipients of 2016 international student travel awards from the office of International Programs. This year's recipients are both third-year veterinary medicine students. Sohaila Jafarian, Manhattan, will work on a One Health water sanitation project in Managua, Nicaragua. Marie Keith, Maple Hill, will work on a rabies project at the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing.

The objective of the College of Veterinary Medicine's travel awards program is to facilitate international experiences and make a positive contribution to animal and public health. Students must apply for the awards and demonstrate a need based on "novel, brilliant, interesting and worthwhile" ideas.

"We've focused on providing fewer but larger travel awards this year, with an emphasis on supporting projects that will not only be relevant to the student's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine studies, but also provide a benefit to the host country," said Dr. Keith Hamilton, executive director for the college's international programs. "We had eight excellent applications this year and it was difficult to make a decision on the winners. We're very pleased with the amount of interest from the students and the quality of their applications."