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College of Veterinary Medicine

Student Organizations

The Society of Phi Zeta Sigma Chapter Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

The Sigma Chapter of Phi Zeta has been established at Kansas State University to recognize and promote scholarships and research pertaining to the welfare and diseases of animals.

American Association of Bovine Practitioners

KSU AABP is made up of veterinary students with a special interest in beef and dairy practice.  The chapter boasts one of the largest memberships of the veterinary special interest groups.  Many members have roots deep in beef or dairy production while others have had very limited exposure to cattle and want to increase their large animal experience in preparation for senior clinics.

American Association of Equine Practitioners

SCAAEP is an organization whose goal is to provide veterinary students with increased exposure to issues of special interest in the equine industry.  The level of experience in the equine industry is of no importance for club members. All students, from those with no horse experience to owners, experienced show and race trainers, rodeoers and farriers can benefit from membership in this organization. All that is required to profit from membership is a desire to learn.

American Association of Feline Practitioners

The Kansas State University Student Chapter of the American Association of Feline Practitioners began in the fall of 1987. Objectives of the organization include enhancing the educational opportunities of veterinary students at Kansas State in the areas of feline medicine and surgery, and promoting cooperation between veterinary and cat fancy organizations.

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners

The AASRP student chapter is the newest organization to the Vet Med campus.  Its presence is indicative of students' interest in sheep, goats, elk, deer, and llamas.  KSU's College of Veterinary Medicine officially began its student chapter of AASRP in September 2001!  The club meets once a month and maintains the goal of providing one field trip or wet lab opportunity per semester.  Students interested in sheep, goats, elk, deer, and llamas, whether as livestock or hobby, are welcome to join.

American Association of Swine Veterinarians

The KSU SCAASV is comprised of veterinary students with an interest in swine practice.   As the newest food animal club, we look forward to the upcoming years. Although the range of experience within the club varies, all students with an interest in learning more about swine and the various management practices involved with this profession are welcome.

American College of Veterinary Pathologists

The KSU Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (SCACVP) is an organization with the goal of providing veterinary medical students the opportunity to gain exposure to the field of veterinary pathology and to inform students of training and career opportunities in veterinary pathology.

American Veterinary Medical Association

SCAVMA, the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association at Kansas State University, is the local chapter of SAVMA, the Student American Veterinary Medical Association. At a local school level, SCAVMA serves as a governing body for KSU-CVM veterinary students, and as an umbrella group for the specialty clubs. As a member of SCAVMA, students are automatically members of SAVMA, and thereby, the AVMA.

Student Chapter Of The Association Of Shelter Veterinarians

SCASV is one of the newest clubs at KSU CVM, beginning in the fall of 2010.  SCASV is the Student Chapter of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians and our purpose is to promote education of the public as well as improve the health and wellbeing of shelter animals.  As a student chapter, we will work to facilitate relationships with local animal shelter organizations and take an active role in community outreach through service and education.  As the club continues to grow, we will offer monthly meetings featuring guest speakers as well as various wet labs designed to serve the needs of shelter animals while providing hands-on experience to club members.

Broad Spectrum

Our goal for Broad Spectrum will not be to change the world per se, but simply to offer students a forum for discussion and an environment where they can feel welcome and open.  The organization will coordinate and promote activities that educate the College and Manhattan on issues surrounding the gay and lesbian community, but its core function will be to offer a haven for those in need and a resource for people that are interested in learning more.

Canine Club

The canine club is a organization made up of students with an interest and love for dogs. The club is active in canine health, education, and service. Meeting are held about once a month and the club also organizes dog hikes. Visit the link to our web page often for upcoming events and information.

Christian Veterinary Fellowship

Christian Veterinary Fellowship is the student organization stemming from Christian Veterinary Mission, a subsidiary of World Concern. CVM's mission is "to challenge, empower, and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith. CVM also provides education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building, and modeling Christ's love."

CVM Family Connections

CVM Family Connections hopes to provide students with a way to make new, lasting friendships with fellow Vet Med students, their spouses and families.

Exotic Animal Medicine Club

The Exotic Animal Medicine Club (EAMC) is designed to allow veterinary students at all levels a chance to gain hands-on experience with wildlife, exotic birds, reptiles, small animals, and other non-typical species.  A limited amount of exposure to zoo and laboratory animals is also gained.  These experiences are gained through lectures, wetlabs, demonstrations, exotic rounds, and field trips to zoos in the surrounding area.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, even those with a mild interest, as this is the fastest growing field with many diverse opportunities.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association promotes professional and social interactions among graduate students in graduate programs of College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University.

International Veterinary Students Association

The objective of the club is to promote the international practice of veterinary medicine, to disseminate information about practice abroad, to disseminate information about other cultures, to provide humanitarian aid, to assist students with international travel for the purpose of veterinary practice, humanitarian aid, exchange of information, and the protection of public health.

Public Health Club

The Public Health Club is Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s newest student organization. Officially recognized by SCAVMA on 27 September 2007, the PHC is dedicated to the growing role of veterinarians in public health. At least 70% of infectious diseases in humans can be zoonotic, so control of the animal reservoirs of those agents is vital to public health, and veterinarians are uniquely situated and educated to aid in such efforts. The PHC works to further explore such possibilities and strive to educate veterinarians and the public for the improvement of public health.

Society for Theriogenology

The KSU Student Chapter of the Society for Theriogenology is an organization for veterinary students who are interested in learning about animal reproduction and how it pertains to veterinary medicine.

Student AVMA Committees

  • Committee for Promoting Practice in Underserved Areas
  • Minority Veterinarian Network Directory
  • Multicultural Student Affairs Committee
  • International Veterinary Student Relations Committee

Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists

The AVSAB Student Chapter at KSU (Behavior Club) is an organization that is dedicated to educating veterinary students on the subject of animal behavior. The club acts to supplement the college curriculum that currently does not have a behavior focus. The goal is to emphasize the importance and clinical relevance of animal behavior in all aspects of veterinary medicine as well as provide information about a career as an animal behaviorist.  

Surgery Club

The KSU CVM Surgery Club aims to introduce and educate veterinary students in various aspects of surgery through lectures and wet labs. Members may be actively pursuing a surgical specialty career or would like to gain more information about this aspect of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Business Management Association

The VBMA is a national student-managed organization intent on improving the veterinary profession through increasing business knowledge. We share the belief of many other veterinary professionals -- in order to provide the best care for animals, we need to increase our knowledge about subjects outside of the medical realm.

Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

The KSU SCVECCS was started in the Spring of 1995 by a group of interested students eager to enhance their education in the field of emergency medicine and critical care. The purpose of this organization is the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of the specialties of emergency medicine and critical care with the veterinary school and the community. We hold monthly meetings where various topics in emergency and critical care are addressed by speakers. Hands-on wet labs are offered to student members throughout the year. We also offer members the opportunity to "Shadow" doctors in the KSU Veterinary Health Center and at an Emergency Clinic in Kansas City.