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College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University
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Protocol for Maize

KSDS inc. Service Puppy in Training

Maize will be with us for about 12 to 18 months. During this time we have several very specific things we must accomplish (socialization, basic obedience etc.) and other fun stuff we can do too. For Maize to become the best she can be, all of her new friends need to help by being consistent and following the guide lines listed below. Everything we ask you to do or not to do for Maize has her long term goal in mind.

  1. Do not Feed the Puppy! The Hills Corporation has supplied her with an abundance of Science Diet large breed growth kibble which is all she needs. She gets a tiny piece of a Science Diet Treat when she is exceptionally good or if she is learning a new command. This point is critical because she will be allowed into restaurants with her partner and must ignore any and all people food.

  2. When Maize is wearing her cape she is working. You are encouraged to greet her Only when she is sitting and calm. Ask her to Give Me Five for a paw shake. Take your hand away if she starts to nibble. Eventually she will fade into the woodwork and you will not notice that she is here. She will however be available for special puppy therapy especially useful after long labs or tests.

  3. Please let Dr. Payne know if you have allergies to dogs or if you are not interested in this project. This is perfectly OK! It is also important for her to learn that not everyone she meets will think she is wonderful.