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College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

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Canine Club

Kansas State University

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Sketch of 2 dogs with backpacks

The canine club is an organization made up of KSU students, faculty and staff with an interest and love for dogs. The club is active in canine health, education, and community service. Meetings are held about once a month and the club also organizes dog hikes/outings. Visit the link to our web page often for upcoming events and information.

Members of the Canine Club with their pets


Faculty Advisor

Kenneth Harkin 


2013-2014 Student Officers

PresidentChristine Austin
President ElectKindall Shenefield
SecretaryAlaina Kevern
TreasurerCassidy Quinn
Pets and People Co-Chairs 


Arranging Foster Homes for Pets of the Military

KSU Collegian Story: Veterinary student starts club for dogs; owners socialize pets during meetings